Ideas For The Unused Basement

Oftentimes we think of a basement as a vision of dark, dank and mold infested spaces.  When we build houses, a basement is typically used as a foundation for the rest of the home.  In many homes the basement is used as a storage area where we keep Christmas decoration, old toys we can’t throw away and the ever-growing junk we seem to collect throughout our lives.  However, there are some people that will look into basement finishing castle rock co to take this unused space and turn it into something functional.

Increasing the value of your home

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When considering to refinish or redo the basement area into a useable space, the primary reason people will consider it is that it will add value to your home.  Many people that look for homes are looking for complete options that they don’t have to invest a lot of money in to have done.  They would rather have these spaces move in ready and the price hidden in the purchase price. 

The Bedroom

The first option most people have is turning it into a bedroom.  When our kids get older and they enter into high school, they are looking to have a piece of independence and privacy.  For this reason many families will turn the basement into a spare bedroom.


Depending on the size of the basement the space can be turned into a mini apartment.  This can include a small bathroom and shower, a kitchenet and even a fridge.  When turning the basement into a mini-apartment the idea is to have it for extended use such as a mother-in-law residence or maybe s place to rent out for extra income.

Game Room

Finally, a family room or a game room would be the next option most people would consider.  Throwing up some sheetrock, a commercial grade piece of carpet, a coat of paint and a tv and some couches would do the trick. 

When designing your finished basement there are tons of options.  Take your time and really design a space that will look good and be functional.