Fighting Mosquitoes

The mosquitoes are creatures that can start off as an annoyance but quickly turn into a major concern.  In fact, the government has just released two hundred and fifty million genetically engineered mosquitoes into the environment to combat the problem.  However, until they have done what they were designed to do, we will want to consider mosquito control company Hampton for our mosquito problem.

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Wear light clothing

The first thing that you can do is wear light clothing.  Light colors work because they don’t absorb heat.  Wearing colors such as black or browns will hold in heat which will attract mosquitoes right to you.  So, make sure that you dress down for mosquitoes.

Don’t drink

You want to avoid alcohol when it comes to mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes are attracted to the scent that you release when you drink alcohol.  Just like alcohol changes your blood chemistry this makes your blood taste like wine to these pests.

Stay behind a screen

If you have to go outside you want to be behind a screen.  Mosquitoes are too big to get in through these screens.  When using your screens make sure that there are no tears, rips or holes that could allow them to come in.  You will also want to have a darker screen so that birds and other animals won’t fly into them and break them.

Stay inside

Stay inside if you can.  At night you want to avoid going out since this is when mosquitoes will typically show themselves.  If you have to get something done, do it early.

Just deal with it

When it comes to mosquitoes you will just have to deal with it.  No matter what you do or what precautions that you put into place, there will be one or two that will pester you throughout the summer. If we just deal with it and take these precautions then they will lessen our exposure.